Astrology, horses, and what got me here…

Patterns Within is a realm run by two great passions of my life: astrology and horses. It is this magical mix that brought into my conscious awareness just how much I am drawn to observing, studying, and intuiting patterns that make up our world and the ways they manifest in one’s reality.

AnyaKezerashviliBecause this page serves as my About page, below is a quick summary of where I am coming from in both areas. To find where I am going to and where my mind & heart are at the moment, go to Musings page – my blog which I will faithfully attempt to maintain but since Geminis are terrible at any type of dairy keeping (and I am a triple Gemini with SUN-MOO-ASC conjunction), don’t hold it against me if it gets out of date. I will come back to it eventually.

Astrology: I was brought to astrology by a strong desire to help people to better understand what’s happening to them and around them, and why sometimes it feels as if one is swimming against a tide, with waves hitting over the head and threatening to drown. Most people find themselves in such conundrum earlier or later; I’ve experienced it firsthand as well. And this is where the ancient art & science of astrology provides a uniquely revealing look at the workings of the Universe, its very fabric – its patterns. I choose to believe that everything in this world is interconnected. Every day we make many choices, some consciously and many unconsciously – and they all affect how the subsequent events in our lives unfold.  But then there are experiences one would’ve never chosen to live through if it was up to him/her, cold-fated events upending one’s life. In my work, I try to help people to become fully aware about choices they have – and to cope with experiences that are dolled into our lives uninvited.

I am fortunate to have had wonderful mentors: I am a proud graduate of International Academy of Astrology (IAA), an online school I highly recommend to anyone who is considering taking up astrology to the next level.

Horses: Horses bring into my life the experience of living in the present, trusting my intuition, and having emotional courage to be myself. Sometimes they gently nudge toward it, sometimes they force it – but under all circumstances they demand me to be honest about what I feel. This the hardest lesson I could ask for and the greatest gift I could ever hope for.

I got inspired to seek a deeper connection with horses through books by Linda Kohanov – and I went on developing practical skills through workshops at her program, Eponaquest. The particular flavor of my challenge in this regard is that I don’t own a horse –  I live and work in New York City – but on the other hand, through the years I got to work with a lot of very different horses at the stables where I ride. It is an exciting journey full of joys, frustrations, insights, puzzles, and of revelations which cross from my “horse world” into my “astrology world”, ever pushing me to probe deeper and teaching me to trust my intuition.