When a faster moving planet like Mars ingresses (i.e. enters) into a sign, the manifestations are usually not too pronounced because the fairly fast speed of its apparent movement (except when it is retrograde) means that such sign changes happens quite often. However, when the god of war and violence (Mars) happens to be out of bounds at the ingress and is starting to move toward a conjunction with Pluto, the god of death and destruction, the effect could be much more noticeable.

On September 29, 2016 at 8:45 am, in the heat of NYC rush hour, a packed NJ commuter train ran into a platform at Hoboken transit center. Over 100 commuters were injured; a woman standing on the platform was killed by falling debree.

The nearby chart of the event shows MAR, freshly ingressed into Capricorn, moving toward PLU, all in the 3rd house of commuting. PLU is stationed (i.e. appears paused and motionless in the sky before changing the direction of its apparent movement Рwhich works line exclamation mark in astrology) to go direct at 14 Capricorn. Capricorn brings to mind hard structures: and here was Mars crushing walls, ceiling supports, and structures. MAR is still far apart from PLU, so while the event was quite massively destructive, fortunately there was no heavy death toll. A woman who died appears in the chart as Venus in Scorpio the 1st house, disposited by MAR Р as well as PLU by modern rulerships. MAR also disposits Aries URA in the 6th house, thus commanding a sudden disruption to daily routine/job schedule for tens of thousands of New Yorkers.

Emphasizing the commuting aspect of the event, its actual timing was timed by Moon forming a conjuction with Mercury in Virgo, which is naturally associated with short travels/commuting. PLU is the planet that creates a connection between MER the event trigger and MAR the destroyer by having a connection to both: it is stationed at 14:55 Capricorn, in partile trine to the degree of the recent MER’s station, 14:45 Virgo, on Sep 22.