Patterns Within is a virtual home of professional astrological services offered by Anya Kezerashvili, Dipl. IAA, ISAR CAP, member of NCGR and ISAR. Anya is certified by the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR).

I have the deepest fascination with the patterns that permeate our lives: some of them we recognize, others we follow unconsciously. Getting a better understanding of what we are working with at any given moment allows us to tune into the breath of the Universe, if you will, – and flow with it to unfold the potential of the moment, whether that be ourselves or events that develop around us.

My consultations are probably best described as a place for soul-searching while addressing practical concerns. I equally respect both aspects of our human existence and balance my consultations according to client’s needs at the moment. To do that, I use a broad spectrum of astrological techniques, ranging from traditional to modern astrology.


Services & Fees

I provide consultations in a number of areas, with my actual sessions usually involving some mix of directions below :

  • Personal (Natal) Astrology – exploring potential of your birth chart and reflecting on how its patterns manifest in your life. This and the following area are also applicable to exploring charts of businesses.
  • Currents of Life – exploring current and/or past events of your life through the patterns of your charts. This direction is designed to give you a bigger picture of what is happening whether within you or to you  – to help you to make some sense of it and to make better informed decisions.
  • Forecasting / Annual Outlooks – exploring what is in store for you in the upcoming year. A bit more narrow and specific iteration of Currents of Life, this direction is the bread and butter of astrology: it is designed to give you ‘intelligence’ on the upcoming year, the matters that are likely to come up and decisions you are likely to have to deal with.
  • Relationship Astrology – exploring dynamics of a relationship through the language of its charts to better understand its potential and pitfalls. Each relationship we form in life – family, love, friendship, business – is a live entity with its own unique make-up. This direction offers a deeper understanding of the patterns characterizing the relationship, how it evolves over time and how it resonates (or not) with individual patterns of people involved.
  • Relocation Assessment – some places feel more like home than others, and this direction helps you to explore the effects of a current or desired locale on your goals, life, health, happiness.
  • Electional Astrology – because everything has a birth chart, this direction helps to choose the most auspicious time for important events in your life, like getting married or starting a new business.

The first time fee is $175, which includes a set up of all charts, quick verification of birth data, and 1 hour consultation covering the natal themes related to the area of your concern plus current developments in the area of your concern.

Follow-up consultations for returning clients is $125 per hour, which can be pro-rated according to your needs.

Consultations are held via Skype or by phone. If you wish, I will record the session and send you an MP3 file via Internet at no additional charge.

To schedule a consultation or if you have questions about services, techniques being used, or fees, please contact me at



I love teaching astrology. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking for a refresher course, I would be happy to work with you. Private lessons is a great way to expand and deepen your knowledge base at the pace that works best for you.


IMPORTANT: Ethical & Privacy Considerations for Consultations & Lessons

A birth chart provide a very revealing look into one’s inner world – and this is the place where everyone is entitled to privacy. This is the reason I do not look at 3rd party’s charts (e.g. of a spouse, lover, friend, parent, boss…) without explicit permission of that person. The good news is that we don’t need those charts to look at what is happening to you in the related area since using your birth chart provides sufficient information. If you are concerned about a 3rd party, we can still get a general glimpse using your own birth chart.

If you are looking for a consultation about relationship dynamics, the following rules apply:

  • To look at a birth chart of the 3rd party (spouse, lover, friend… etc.) who is not present during consultation, I require an explicit permission of that person. During session, I will limit my comments on the 3rd party’s chart to relationship dynamics.
  • For children’s charts, my sessions include a high-level astro-profile for the child and review of compatibility dynamics with parent(s)/caretaker(s). Once the child is 15, I will require an explicit permission of the person to look at her/his chart without her/him being present.