It’s quite fascinating that most of my posts have been about Mars so far… This archetypal energy has been super active lately.

Mars has just formed a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn on Oct 19th – and today the news came out that an ex-NSA contractor Harold “Hal” Martin III, of Glen Burnie, Md. has apparently stolen over 500 million government records, some of them top-classified information about military operations. Pluto is power, manipulation, undercover forces; Capricorn speaks of government, i.e. government power, manipulation, undercover forces. As Mars – the separator and violator – meets Pluto in the sky, the news of theft become public. Considering that Mars is still out of bounds, the massive size of theft is not surprising.

The news came out when Justice Department filed the charges in court – Saturn in Sagittarius (literally justice authority) disposits Pluto and Mars.

The case was kept under seal until earlier this month – and became public just as the astrological aspect representing it perfected.

A brilliant example of archetypal forces manifestation!