Rosetta Stone for Musings

Hi there! My Musings blog is quite heavy on astrology and astrological terms. As I typically do not have the patience to spell out planet and sign names over and over again, I use shorthanded names – which may be confusing for a reader if you haven’t encountered such abbreviations before. So here is a quick Rosetta Stone. For planets, the shorthand version is the first 3 letters of its name, all in caps: MER = Mercury, SAT = Saturn, MOO = Moon, etc., you get the idea. The four angles of the chart: MC stands for the Medium Coeli, or “the middle of the sky” in Latin, also known as the Midheaven; IC stands for the Imum Coeli, or “the bottom of the sky”; ASC stands for the Ascendant and DSC for Descendant. For signs, I may or may not spell them out; if I don’t, it will be again the first 3 letters of its name, capitalized: Gem = Gemini, Sco = Scorpio, Aqu = Aquarius, etc. And whenever I say just “the 1st” or “the 8th”, for example, that’s always a reference to a house.

If after reading this blog – or in general – you feel that you’d like to take a few lessons to better understand what the planets, signs, houses, angles, aspects, etc., are about, give me a shout. Because if there is one thing that I like as much as practicing astrology, it is teaching it. 😊