A couple of days ago I’ve noticed in the news that the upcoming Full Moon on Nov 14th will be the closest to Earth since 1948.

Supermoon On November 14 To Be Closest To Earth Since 1948

Besides inevitable issues with the super-low and super-high ocean tides affecting the Staten Island ferry and, thus, my daily commute, this also suggests strong emotional tides. Full Moon is the time of clarity, in particular about things that we’ve started on the New Moon. Since this Moon cycle wraps nicely around the U.S. election time, it was interesting to see what those emotional tides would be right after the election.

And what a “morning after” it looks to be! This particular moon cycle, which started with a New Moon in Scorpio and will be peaking with a Full Moon in Taurus, has an obsessive and stubborn quality to it. People will be digging their heels, no doubt about it! In their minds, it will be about who they can trust (Sun in Scorpio), with all their long-held pains & wounds feeding in as an unstoppable emotional flood (Sun in the tight trine to Pisces Chiron). In their gut, it will be a concern about the bread on one’s table, a roof about one’s head – or one’s account in the bank, depending on one’s current fortunes (Moon in Taurus). And the gut feelings will be outweighing the concerns of the mind.

And Justice, let us not forget about the Justice and the Judgement. The Full Moon chart cast for Washington, DC is ruled by  Jupiter in Libra in 10th (justice, judges, law making in public service), which is closely conjunct MC and squares Capricorn Pluto in the 1st house (corporate or government power, corruption, super riches, but also  fundamental transformation when it comes to identity). On the one hand, this combo speaks of the general vile taste in the mouth left by public starting to believe that the elegant, sophisticated democratic process as envisioned and held in high regard by the Founding Fathers is, indeed, hopelessly rigged by super-interests. We are (un)fortunate to have 2 major candidates looking like corrupt bullies, one in the corporate world, another one in the government world. And, thus, the general emotional feel of “picking between two evils” reins. On the other hand, I can’t help but wondering whether this election will end up being tossed to the Supreme Court or the Congress for the final decision, which will be happening as this Full Moon rises (chart ruled by Jupiter in Libra in 10th plus Saggitarius Saturn conjunct ASC) – and then the powerful interests will rule whatever they would, fundamentally transforming the face of this election (Jupiter applying to square Capricorn Pluto in 1st).

That Saturn rising on Ascendant speaks of the feel of constrain, setback, depression, fear (not surprising as one or the other half of the country will be deeply disappointed with the results) – but it also speaks of the sense of responsibility, of looking in the face of reality. The process of maturation is starting.

As I said, it looks like quite a “morning after.” But we are strong country. Whatever we screw up now, we’ll get to fix in 4 years. 😊