In the skies Mars went “out of bounds” on Aug 8, which means that fighting, competing, and in general agressive energy is now more erratic and prone to extreme expressions. If you are sensitive to Mars energy (Aries and Scorpio friends (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) or with dominant natal Mars, that would be you…), this is something to keep in mind when passions spike sharper than usual, or when there is erratic inconsistency in the energy levels.

With Mars in Sagittarius, the fighting outbursts would be most easily provoked by one’s views / beliefs /faith /opinions or could be related to legal stuff or foreign travels (or matters). The Mars will stay out of bounds all the way through October 30th. What an energy imprint for U.S. election cycle!!! And, of course, for Olympics! I keep my fingers crossed that in Rio it will take the form of incredible, breaking-the-boundaries cross-cultural feats driven by sportsmen’s inner faith that they can do it (whatever that amazing “it” is). The darker other side of the same coin is, potentially, wilder accidents.

One of near-literal manifestations of Mars in Sagittarius heading out of boundaries in this cycle was a tragic accident on Aug 7 in Kansas City, where a 10-year old boy, a lawmaker’s son, died of a neck injury in a thrill ride on the world tallest waterslide with a foreign name of Verrückt (“insane” in German). (Foreign name, lawmaker are all very Sagittarian references.) The attraction where the riders were dropped 17 stories at up to 50 miles an hour speed (80 kph), was marketed as “dangerous safe”. Its opening has been delayed since 2014 as some parts of it had to be re-architected over and over again to make it safer. In archetypal “speak”, much energy was spent to keep the wild Mars energy under control – and it all still failed once Mars headed out of bounds.