In astrology, Full Moons – which is the condition for a Lunar Eclipse to occur – are associated with the time of clarity and seeing the full picture. A Lunar Eclipse, during which Earth shadow temporarily covers the bright eye apple of a Moon in the sky, calls attention to our blindspots.

The Lunar Eclipse of Aug 18 occurs as Moon in Aquarius opposes Sun in Leo: on the archetypal energy level, think “Collective emotional needs, movements and organizations, anti-government and/or anti-establishment activism by people, rebellion” on the one side of scales, and “individuality, childhood, play, fun” on the other.

Below is the image of a shocked 5-year boy rescued from the rubble after an airstrike in Aleppo, sitting in stunned silence in an ambulance chair much too big for his size, which went viral within hours of being released by Aleppo Media Center (an anti-government activist organization) on Aug 17. It expresses a powerful and vivid message of this Lunar Eclipse’s about the world’s current blindspot.

Syrian Boy in the Ambulance